Welcome to the Individualized Studies

The Specialized Honours BA Program in Individualized Studies (IS) is designed for students whose academic interests are best met by a program of study that they tailor to suit themselves. It allows intellectually mature, resourceful students to pursue, in interdisciplinary fashion, a line of inquiry fitted to their own particular interests. Like other programs and disciplines, IS is committed to expertise in a coherent academic pursuit. Meanwhile, students in IS, unlike those in other programmes, are free, in constructing a major, to draw on all the University's many disciplines, fields of study, and faculties.

IS, then, is unique at York, as it allows students to define for themselves the core problem or issue that shapes and governs their studies, and to draw upon various academic disciplines to address that problem. To make this work, students must have a clear central project for the final thesis, a study or perhaps a work of art, tied to a larger core topic that, in the eyes of the IS Coordinator, proves that the whole set of courses is coherent and that it confers meaningful expertise. [read more...]